Portraits, 1999 - 2001

This work began from an interest the concept of women being the primary repository and carriers of family memories over the course of generations. I produced nine photographic portraits of women over fifty years of age, their eyes closed in internal reflection. I was attempting to represent the inner strength of my subjects while allowing them to appear in a non-objective way. Along with issues of representation, this work also questions the relationships of model, viewer and camera as interlocutor. This work explores spirituality balanced with an acceptance of one's history and one's self. In a society fascinated by youth culture and beauty, the mature woman is often unseen; her worth, life experience and work undervalued; this is evident in media where women, and especially older women, are underrepresented as well as misrepresented.

Black and white silver fibre-based prints, 20" x 24", edition of five