The Hancock Woodlands

The Hancock Woodlands in Mississauga is a ten-acre property planted and maintained by generations of the Hancock family. Leslie and Dorothy Hancock created it in the 1930s when they launched a nursery to propagate ornamentals by importing rhododendrons and azaleas from Southeast Asia. The Woodlands is a Carolinian forest home of 150-year-old trees, whose thick canopy hangs over these historical plantings. During the Second World War, the Hancock family converted their office/garage into a bunkhouse for use by Japanese workers employed at the nurseries to save them from Canada’s internment camps. With this work I continue to explore small tracts of land rich in history that have escaped development.

Chromogenic panoramic images, edition of seven 24"x14", and 20"x35" with three additional images of the potting sheds