Dissonance, 1995

This work is a loosely-based narrative about moving from one experience to another and the influence of our history, memory, sense of place, and communication. Dissonance was curated by Richard Rhodes and presented in three rooms in the Gairloch Gallery, a historical home in Oakville that has been converted into a gallery space. The rooms where I presented my work were once bedrooms and a dining hall. The windows in these rooms overlook a lake and a landscaped garden. The first room consisted of three 20" x 48" photographic diptychs and one 20" x 24" image with objects and a box on the fireplace mantel. In the window of this room was a 40" x 48" image of the top of a child's head (mostly hair). The adjoining room had a 40" x 48" image of a child's eye and was presented with an image of a tree covered in a net material. The next room has a girl with a hand over her face in the window. It is accompanied by five 16" x 20" images of childhood souvenirs/tools of care.

Gelatin silver prints, various sizes, editions of seven. In the collection of Oakville Galleries